FEBL League Rules – The Basics

  1. Ownership
    1. One team per owner. Owners found to be running multiple teams, directly or indirectly, will be banned for life.
    2. A team may have co-owners or an owner can have as many assistants as he/she wants, but only one “official” person will be responsible for trades, roster changes, etc.
    3. All owners must have an active, unique email account.
    4. Owners are required to own the version of OOTP that the league is currently operating with, which is now OOTP 13.
      1. Owners will use the game to export roster moves and contract offers.
    5. Owners are expected to tend to their basic team business on a regular basis. This includes:
      1. Tending to injured players and activating healed players.
      2. Keeping lineups and pitching staffs whole.
      3. Participating in drafts.
      4. Regular basis just means when you’re able. Owners are not expected to send an export for every single sim.
    6. Teams left vacant by owners shall be run by the CPU, until replacement owners can be found.
      1. Owners abandoning teams will be readmitted to the league at the discretion of the Commissioner, based on reasons for said abandonment.
      2. Replacement owners will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. League Setup
    1. Fictional league.
    2. 16 teams in 2 leagues with 2 divisions per league.
    3. 162-game schedule with limited interleague play.
    4. Two rounds of playoffs with the FEBL Cup Series usually held live in our chat room.
    5. Salary cap in use (see below).
    6. Feeder league in use. It is entirely run by the CPU and FEBL teams have no interaction with the feeder league.
    7. A fairly active league in terms of trading and participation.
    8. Interactive drafts run on message board and in chat room.
  3. Message Board
    1. The league makes extensive use of the message board for league events and news.
    2. The message board is used for drafts, trades, and renaming of players.
    3. Message board also contains listing of many league rules, procedures and information.
    4. Some of the items on this page are explained in greater detail on the message board.
    5. League members may post write and post their own stories to the message board.
    6. All league members are required to register on the message board.
    7. The message board is closed off to the general public due to past spammer attacks. Registration will require the Commissioner’s help.
  4. Salary Cap
    1. Currently set at $100,000,000.
    2. Teams must be compliant with the salary cap at the beginning of the season.
    3. If team goes over salary cap during the season, it will have until the next sim to get cap-compliant.
    4. Teams that fail to be cap-compliant by the deadlines set above will have their highest-paid player released by the commissioner.
    5. There is also a spending cap in place.
  5. Rosters
    1. The Designated Hitter (DH) is used in both leagues.
    2. Active roster may have a maximum of 25 players at one time.
      1. Teams are required to have at least 23 players available to play at all times on the major league roster.
      2. On September 1 (game time), active rosters may be expanded to 40 players.
    3. Minor league rosters have no minimum or maximums.
  6. Personalization
    1. Owners will have opportunities to rename and relocate their team and build their own stadium.
    2. Owners may rename and relocate their minor league teams.
    3. Owners can provide new logos for any of their teams and are expected to do so for their FEBL team upon relocation.
    4. Owners may rename players, provided the players have no major league experience.